Back 4 Blood Destroy Nest Nods

In Back 4 Blood, one of the most important – and goriest – things you will need to do is to destroy nest nodes. These will block your progress and to be able to finish your mission, you will first need to clear them out. You will then receive the “Destroy the Nest Nodes” mission objectives. However, doing this isn’t without dangers of its own. In this Back 4 Blood Destroy Nest Nods guide, we will cover these disgusting nests, explain how to find and destroy them, as well as what happens once you have done this.

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Back 4 Blood Destroy Nest Nods

Where to Find Nest Nods in Back 4 Blood

You will easily be able to recognize Nest Nodes. They look like large clumps of flesh, bone, and other organic material – not unlike something you would be able to see in a David Cronenberg movie. The most reliable way to locate them is by following their tendrils on the ground. These glowing red tendrils extend from the Nest Nodes and lead back to them. The Nest Nodes themselves usually block off doors, bridges, and other points of progress.

How to Destroy Nest Nods in Back 4 Blood

Destroying Nest Nodes is likewise a very simple process. When you encounter one, you will notice that they have sections that are colored differently than the rest of it. Aim and shoot at these. To preserve precious ammo, you can also hit it with a melee attack, but not all of them will be in melee range. Once you have destroyed all of them, the Nest Node will explode. However, before you do this, be prepared. As soon as you destroy a Nest Node, you will be attacked by a wave of Ridden. So, all of your teammates should be ready and optimally positioned in order to survive this sudden attack. Naturally, you shouldn’t destroy another node before you have had the chance to fight off the attack from the last one.

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