Back 4 Blood Down? Check Server Status

Are Back 4 Blood servers down? The popular co-operative first-person shooter is entering its second year with a brand new expansion and more plans ahead. Developers Turtle Rock Studios are planning on supporting the game for years to come with fresh content and challenges. Being that Turtle Rock Studios are creative minds behind the original Left 4 Dead, they are well versed in creating an enthralling and unique zombie co-op shooter. However, one thing that often makes them problems is connection issues. If you can’t connect to the game, read on. Here’s how to check the Back 4 Blood server status and learn about scheduled maintenance, outage, & downtime.

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Back 4 Blood Down? Check Server Status, scheduled maintenance, outage, & downtime

Are Back 4 Blood servers down?

The Children of the Worm, the second B4B expansion, is launching on Tuesday, August 30th. The exact launch time is 7 pm CEST / 6 pm BST / 1 pm ET / 10 am PT. While not confirmed, we expect minor downtime or small outages during this period, while the update is being deployed. If you can not enter the game immediately, wait for the maintenance to be completed.

Other than scheduled maintenance and update deployment, the servers can go offline for numerous reasons. For example, a DDoS attack might cause a severe outage. Furthermore, some server-related issues make require developers to bring them down to fix them. Whatever the cause of the outage is, we will endeavour to update this guide in a timely manner with the latest info.

How to Check Back 4 Blood Server Status

The best way to stay informed about all planned updates, maintenance, and downtimes is to follow the official Back 4 Blood Twitter. There, the developers will share all the important info you need to know. Another place to follow is the official Turtle Rock Studios Twitter. There, you might find some broader information about the studio. Finally, you can always come back to our article. We will strive to update it promptly and with the latest confirmed information regarding the Back 4 Blood server status.

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