Back 4 Blood - The Fastest Supply Point Farm Methods

Back 4 Blood is set to release soon, and fans are already looking for the best ways to maximize supply points farming. Currently, this is only truly relevant for the multiplayer portion of the game (which most people will play). The Solo Mode (where you play alongside bots) doesn’t allow for this, and you will be greeted with the following message when you start a solo campaign: “Uses solo decks created in the Fort Hope deck menu. Maps and objectives will be adjusted. Matchmaking and player invites are disabled. Earning Supply Points is disabled. Stat tracking is disabled. Earning progress towards Accomplishments is disabled.” Developer Turtle Rock Studios have tweeted that they are aware of this and are looking into ways to change it. In the meantime, our Back 4 Blood – The Fastest Supply Point Farm Methods guide is here to give you a couple of good farming tips.

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Back 4 Blood Supply Points Farm

The Best Ways to Farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

There is a great and very fast to do mission that is guaranteed to provide you with a lot of Supply Points. This is the Herald of the Worm Part 1 mission from Act 2. Ideally, you should play it on Veteran difficulty. Basically, this is just a short boss battle, and you can get through it very quickly if you know exactly what you need to do. The trick is to outfit yourselves with a Grenade deck, and pick all the cards which will maximize your grenade damage. This is because the boss in question is an Ogre, and the quickest way to kill it is via grenade damage.

Herald of the Worm Part 1
The Herald of the Worm Part 1 mission in Act 2 is a great place to farm Supply Points.

As soon as you start the mission, head outside. The Ogre will appear and your job here is to chuck as many grenades its way until it goes down. After it’s dead, mop up the rest of the stragglers and head to the safehouse to complete the mission. If you know what you’re doing here, you can complete this mission in under 2 minutes.

Another mission that is ideal for quick farming is “The Sound of Thunder” from Act 1. This is by far the shortest and easiest to do mission. To make it even quicker, select Karlee (if playing solo). Since she improves the speed of the entire team, it’s great – though not necessary – to have at least one player play as her when doing this mission in multiplayer. Unlike the previous mission, here it doesn’t matter what level, or which cards you have. As soon as it starts, your task is to load the missiles in the gun as quickly as possible. And that’s it, this can be done extremely fast and will get you a lot of Supply Points whenever you do it.

the sound of thunder
The Sound of Thunder is another perfect mission for Supply Point farming.
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