Bank Pet Simulator X How to Use & Where is The Bank

Pet Simulator X has managed to become one of the most popular Roblox titles in less than a year. Released at the end of January 2021, it isn’t hard to see why this game has garnered so much attention from fans all over the world. Recently, Pet Simulator X has gotten a Bank update. In this Bank Pet Simulator X How to Use & Where is The Bank guide, we will explain everything there is to know about locating and using this new game mechanic.

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Bank Pet Simulator X How to Use & Where is The Bank

Where is The Bank Pet Simulator X

There are two locations in Pet Simulator X where you will be able to find and access the Bank. The first of these is Spawn World. It is next to the Gold Pets machine and the eggs there. To access it, go into the gold circle in front of it. You will then get the option to enter. The second location is in Fantasy World, close to the Pet Collection machine there. A third Bank location is also planned in Tech World, but currently there are some issues with this location, which will probably get fixed soon.

How to Use Bank Pet Simulator X

To use the Bank, you will first need to purchase and open up a Bank account. This will cost you 7.5 million Diamonds. After that, you can now store your Pets and Diamonds in the Bank, as well as invite other players to gain access to your Bank account. We’re sure that we don’t have to particularly point out that you should only invite people that you completely trust. The Diamonds you store in the Bank will earn daily interest, depending on how many of them you have in the Bank. You can upgrade the Bank – using Diamonds or Robux – so that you can store more Pets and Diamonds in it, as well as earn more daily interest:

  • Tier 1: 40 Pets, 1 Player, 50 Million Diamond Cap, and 0% Daily Interest.
  • Tier 2: 95 Pets, 2 Players, 225 Million Diamond Cap, and 0.1% Daily Interest.
  • Tier 3: 200 Pets, 3 Players, 1 Billion Diamond Cap, and 0.175% Daily Interest.
  • Tier 4: 500 Pets, 4 Players, 5 Billion Diamond Cap, and 0.25% Daily Interest.
  • Tier 5: 950 Pets, 5 Players, 20 Billion Diamond Cap, and 0.4% Daily Interest.
  • Tier 6: 1,400 Pets, 5 Players, 80 Billion Diamond Cap, and 0.55% Daily Interest.
  • Tier 7: 2,500 Pets, 6 Players, 250 Billion Diamond Cap, and 0.7% Daily Interest.
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