Battlefield 2042 Controls for PC, Xbox, PS4

Battlefield 2042 has already launched in beta for PC, Xbox, and PS4. If you want to get ahead of the curve, you need to master the controls before your rivals. Some of them have changed from previous Battlefield games. All controls have the option to be customized, so take some time to familiarize yourself with them and adjust. Read on as we discuss the Battlefield 2042 controls for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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Battlefield 2042 Controls for PC, Xbox, PS4
Battlefield 2042 Controls for PC, Xbox, PS4

Battlefield 2042 Controls for PC

When playing Battlefield on PC, the key bindings are crucial for quick switches. You will need to play for a while to get familiar with the controls. All of them are easy to customize, so if you prefer to swap some around you can do so.

You also have the option of connecting a controller. This will only suit some players, mainly ones who are transitioning from a console. You also get more options to customize when using a mouse and keyboard.

Move: W/K/S/DZoom: Right Mouse Button
Sprint: ShiftFire: Left Mouse Button
Look: MouseGrenade: G Key
Melee: F KeyReload: R Key
Crouch: Left Control or Hold CCall In- B Key Hold
Prone: Z KeyVOIP: Left Alt
Slide: Z Key While SprintingChat: H Key
Jump: SpacebarFull Map: M Key
Vault: Spacebar + Move Towards ObstacleMenu: Esc key
Enter/Exit Vehicle: E KeySwap Vehicle Seat: F1 to F8
Revive; E Key HoldSwitch Primary/Secondary Weapon; 1,2
Plus Menu: T KeySpecialty: 3
Comorose/Ping: Q key HoldOpen Gadget: 4

Battlefield 2042 Controls for Xbox

All Xbox controls work the same on current and next-gen consoles in Battlefield. Controls will have changed for some operations from previous Battlefield games. Make sure you check them and play some practice rounds.

If you are switching from PC to console, you can always add a mouse and keyboard and use the controls from that. Customize them in the menu if you need to. The full controls can be found below.

Move: Left StickZoom: LT
Sprint: Left Stick ClickFire: RT
Look: Right SlickSwitch Primary/Secondary Weapon: Y
Melee: Right Stick ClickSpeciality: Left D Pad
Crouch: BOpen Gadget: Right D Pad
Prone: B HoldGrenade: Up D Pad
Slide: B While SprintingReload: X
Jump: ACall In Menu: RB Hold
Vault: A Move TowardsFull Map: Menu Button
Enter/Exit Vehicle: XMenu: Options Button
Revive: X HoldSwap Vehicle Seat: A
Plus Menu: LB Hold
Comorose/Ping: RB Hold

PS4 Battlefield 2042 Controls

PS4 and PS5 controls operate the same in Battlefield 2042. You can change them in the in-game menu if you feel they do not work for your playing style. Remember that some controls have changed from previous Battlefield games. If you wish, you can forgo the controller and add a mouse and keyboard to the console. You can find all the controls for PS4 and PS5 below.

Move: Left StickZoom: L2
Sprint: Left Stick ClickFire: R2
Look: Right StickSwitch Primary/Secondary Weapons: Triangle
Melee: Right Stick ClickSpeciality: Left Direction
Crouch: CircleOpen Gadget: Right Direction
Prone: Circle HoldGrenade: Up Direction
Slide: Circle While SprintingReload: Square
Jump: CrossCall In Menu: R1 Hold
Vault: Cross Move Toward ObstacleFull Map: Touchpad
Enter/Exit Vehicles: SquareMenu: Options Button
Revive: Square HoldSwap Seat: X
Plus Menu: L1
Comorose/Ring: R1

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