How to Beat Night 2 TDS Solar Eclipse Event

The Solar Eclipse Event is underway in Tower Defense Simulator and many players of this extremely popular Roblox game are wondering what the best strategies to beat Night 2 of this event are. There are several ways you can complete this Night 2 of the Solar Eclipse Event, both by using just the basic towers (which is, of course, a bit harder), and by using the Golden Skins stronger towers. In this How to Beat Night 2 TDS Solar Eclipse Event guide, we will explain both strategies in-depth.

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How to Beat Night 2 TDS Solar Eclipse Event

How to Beat Night 2 in Tower Defense Simulator (TDS)

This first method has four players, all of them with basic loadouts. The First Player will have Scout, Minigunner, and Commander. The Second: Scout, Minigunner, and DJ. Third: Scout and Minigunner. And, finally, the Fourth Player – Scout and Freezer. Now, you may be asking yourselves why we have the Freezer in here. It is necessary in order to slow down the Werewolf. As such, set the Freezer’s targeting to Strongest, so that it will always target the Werewolf. Player 1 should concentrate on their Call to Arms ability and use it as much as they can.

The strategy is to cover all of the battlefield with carefully placed towers. The map is fairly small, so experiment with placement until you get something that works for you. Then, level up all of these as soon as you can. Make sure that you are always spending money – either on upgrading the towers, or on purchasing new ones. Of course, as we have already said, using golden skins will increase your damage output and make this a lot easier. For example, the Toxic Gunner will slow down the Werewolf even more than the Freezer. Using all of these – and a bit of luck – you should be able to beat Night 2 of the Tower Defense Simulator Solar Eclipse Event.

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