Beat Shaco Tournament of Souls Expert Mode LoL

In our Beat Shaco Tournament of Souls Expert Mode LoL guide, we are going to explain how to defeat Shaco in the new League of Legends mode. It is a pretty tricky fight, no mistake about that. Just going all-out is not going to get you far. Instead, you need to be patient and strategic about how and when you use your abilities. Oh, and you need to have really quick reflexes, and the right loadout. Here’s what you need to do.

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beat shaco tournament of souls expert mode lol
Beat Shaco Tournament of Souls Expert Mode LoL

How to Beat Shaco Tournament of Souls Expert Mode in League of Legends

To beat Shaco in the League of Legends (LoL) Tournament of Souls on expert mode, you first have to have the right loadout. You want Quickshot on Q, Back Atcha on W, Twilight Rush on E and Chaotic Daybreak or Immortal Inferno on R. Now, the fight itself is all about testing your patience and reflexes. At the start of the fight, don’t do anything before Shaco spawns a tiny clone. Use Q to drop a grenade and then E to destroy the clone. If you get stunned in the process, don’t worry about it. When Shaco vanishes, look at the blue icon in the bottom left of his health bar. Be ready when it starts flashing. As soon as it disappears and Shaco reappears, hit W to counter the attack.

The next step to beat Shaco on expert mode in the Tournament of Souls in LoL (League of Legends) is to only use Q at the most until you go through the clone phase again. Once again, use W to counter his attack after he disappears as described above. Then, and only then unleash your ultimate attack. From there, use Q to deal damage now and then and go through the clone / invisibility routine as we’ve laid out until you finally defeat Shaco. If you don’t manage to counter the post-invisible attack or destroy the clone promptly, you might not have enough health to survive until the end. However, try to persevere in order to practice your timing. Good luck!

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