Best Boost Fields Deck Clash Royale 2024

In our Best Boost Fields Deck Clash Royale 2024 guide, we are going to give you some examples on how you can build a deck to complete the challenge. Of course, feel free to amend them to fit the cards you prefer to use and try them out. We will also briefly explain how the event works, just in case you missed the previous one. So, let’s get right into it!

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best boost fields deck clash royale 2024
Best Boost Fields Deck Clash Royale 2024

Best Deck for Boost Fields Event Clash Royale

In the list below, we are going to give you two ideas as to what deck you can use in the Clash Royale Boost Fields 2024 event, or challenge. From what we can tell, it’s gonna work the same as it did before. That means three cards are outright banned: Miner, Goblin Barrel, and Goblin Drill. There are no rivers or bridges, meaning that your units will go straight down the line you put them on, and only veer towards one of the three towers on the other end when they get close enough.

But, of course, the main part of the Clash Royale Boost Fields 2024 challenge, as it was previously, are the boosts constantly appearing in the middle, which is what you need to prepare your best decks for. There are four boosts that can spawn: Rage, Clone, Invisibility and Heal. Only units that actually walk over them can collect the boosts; chucking an object or a spell won’t work, even if it hits dead-on. With all of that out of the way, here are the two decks you can use, or at least use as pointers to make your own.

  • Deck #1 (via CLASHwithNEAL)
    • Royal Recruits (costs 7 Elixir)
    • Goblin Gang (costs 3 Elixir)
    • Poison (costs 4 Elixir)
    • Arrows (costs 3 Elixir)
    • Bowler (costs 5 Elixir)
    • Ram Rider (costs 5 Elixir)
    • Goblin Hut (costs 5 Elixir)
    • Flying Machine (costs 4 Elixir)
  • Deck #2 (via Alvin Gaming)
    • Firecracker EVO (costs 3 Elixir)
    • Archers (costs 3 Elixir)
    • Arrows (costs 3 Elixir)
    • Goblin Hut (costs 5 Elixir)
    • Bandit (costs 3 Elixir)
    • Zap (costs 2 Elixir)
    • Bowler (costs 5 Elixir)
    • Mother Witch (costs 4 Elixir)
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