Best Matcha Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

In our Best Matcha Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom guide, we are going to show you what we believe to be the best build for the new Epic character. We will also analyze what Matcha does, or what her role in the party is, and more. Let’s get right into it!

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best matcha cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Best Matcha Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Matcha Cookie Toppings

Before we get to what we believe to be the best toppings for Matcha Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, what to we actually know about the upcoming new character? Well, based on this trailer, we can tell that she is a Magic cookie and stands in the middle of the party. And she gives off major swamp witch vibes, which is always a delight. More importantly, her magic, as far as I can tell, mostly focuses on buffs and/or debuffs rather than raw damage. I could be wrong, and if I am, please correct me in the comments. Of course, we’ll amend the guide if necessary once we do unlock and test Matcha out properly. With that in mind, let’s talk toppings and builds, shall we?

So, what I believe are the best toppings for Matcha Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are five Swift Chocolate. Or maybe in a combination with some Solid Almond. It just seems to me like giving Matcha the ability to keep casting those buffs and/or debuffs as much as possible is playing to her biggest strength. I truly doubt that she can be built into a DPS character, and she’s definitely not a tank. So, her firing off her magic and letting other cookies do the damage will most likely be the right strategy. Now, how will Matcha stack up with other buff/debuff characters? That remains to be seen. She is an Epic cookie, so she should be pretty powerful. I hope she is. I love swamp hags.

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