Best Monopoly GO Bank Heist Pattern Strategy

In our Best Monopoly GO Bank Heist Pattern Strategy guide, the first thing we are going to do is explain some important things about the bank heists; namely, how those icon patterns work, which groups of icons give you which reward, and more. After that, we will talk about what the actual best patterns are. Here we go!

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best monopoly go bank heist pattern strategy
Best Monopoly GO Bank Heist Pattern Strategy

Best Bank Heist Pattern Monopoly GO

Before we get to the best bank heist pattern in Monopoly GO, we first have to cover several important points about the “event.” First off, the patterns in which the different icons appear are always random. The ones we present you with do seem to repeat most often, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee they will work. There are three levels of heist rewards you can get, depending on which three icons you reveal first. Ideally, you want to get three rings for the biggest reward. Getting three stacks of money gets you the Big Heist for a moderate reward, and three silver coins grant you a Small Heist and the smallest reward. Therefore, you want to reveal three rings if at all possible. Also, you want a high multiplier. To start a bank heist, you need to land on a railroad.

Now that we have all that out of that way, what is the actual best bank heist pattern in Monopoly GO? We have found that going for an L shape in any orientation (as shown in the image below) reveals the three rings fairy often. We can never say for certain which direction to go in or where to begin, but going in an L shape will often work. If you see that it’s not working, switching to a diagonal pattern is often a good idea. Overall, though, it’s always going to be a bit of a tossup due to the randomized nature of the icons. Use your judgement as you reveal them, and you should do fine. If you need more help with Monopoly GO, check out our other guides, like Golden Blitz Schedule and Free Dice Links.

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Try the L pattern
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