Blade Ball Tier List Serpent Shadow Clone December 2023

Blade Ball is a very interesting Roblox game. In it, you need to fend off a speeding ball that is following your character. The ball is gaining speed all the time and it becomes harder and harder to avoid it. Thankfully, you also have a number of abilities at your disposal. And even better, more are being added to the game all the time, as is the case with the latest ability – Serpent Shadow Clone. Of course, not all of these powers are equally as good. Some are simply more powerful and better than others. To help you get only the best ones, we have ranked all the abilities that are currently in the game in our Blade Ball Tier List Serpent Shadow Clone December 2023.

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Blade Ball Tier List Serpent Shadow Clone December 2023
Blade Ball Tier List Serpent Shadow Clone December 2023

Blade Ball Tier List of Best Abilities

Now, before we get into the rankings themselves, a couple of things that we need to point out first. To begin with, the game – though new – is getting updates on a pretty regular basis. This means that things are bound to be nerfed or buffed if there is need for it. Not to mention – brand new abilities, such as the Serpent Shadow Clone – which are also going to affect these rankings. So it’s best if you consider this list a work in progress, as we are going to update it whenever there’s a new ability (or abilites) out.

We also recommend that you read through our Blade Ball Codes to get all the latest BB codes and what they do. So if you are wondering what is the best ability in Blade Ball, those are in S Tier, while the least powerful ones are in C Tier. And now, let’s see the Blade Ball Tier List itself and all the abilities in the game:

  • S Tier: Death Slash, Force, Pulse, Infinity, Reaper, Wind Cloak, Phantom, Rapture, Blink, Pull, and Swap.
  • A Tier: Serpent Shadow Clone, Titan Blade, Thunder Dash, Raging Deflect, Forcefield, Phase Bypass, and Waypoint.
  • B Tier: Invisibility, Freeze, Telekinesis, and Shadow Step.
  • C Tier: Super Jump, Quad Jump, Dash, and Platform.
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