Blox Fruits Blue Moon Explained

What is a Blue Moon in Blox Fruits? After weeks of rumours and teasers, the new Kitsune update has just landed on Blox Fruits. Aside from the titular new fruit, which is one of the most expansive fruits in the game to date, there’s also a heap of other content. In this guide, we explain when does a Blue Moon appear in Blox Fruits, and how to find it.

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Blox Fruits Blue Moon Explained

When Does a Blue Moon Appear in the Blox Fruits Kitsune Update?

So, what is this Blue Moon in the Blox Fruits Kitsune Update? If you are a long-time player, you are probably well-familiar with Blox Fruits’s intricate weather and time system. Not only does the time of the date change regularly, but even the moon has its phases, just like in real life! However, note that Blox Fruits’ moon has a reversed moon cycle. That means the phases appear in the opposite sequence compared to the real-life moon.

When it comes to the blue moon, we must first learn about the full moon in Blox Fruits. The game features a special event that occurs every 3-4 days, which corresponds to about 80 minutes in real-time. This event is called a full moon, and it is announced in the chat with the message, “The light of a full moon peaks through the clouds.” During a full moon, certain things in the game may change or behave differently.

The blue moon will only appear at the very specific moment in the game. Namely, in order to see a blue moon, you will need to be on the Third Sea map, in the Danger Level 6 zone, during the full moon. At this very moment, you will have a chance to find the Kitsune Shrine. If Kitsune Island is near, the full moon will become blue! With that said, our guide is completed!

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