Blox Fruits Tier List Kitsune Update

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular Roblox games, and with good reason. Based on One Piece, Blox Fruits has dozens of Devil Fruits for players to use. Divided into three types: Natural (called Paramecia in the OP anime and manga), Elemental (Logia), and Beast (Zoan), each of them comes with its own abilities. Though, of course, not all of these are equally as powerful. The fact is – some Fruits are simply better than others. To help you pick out and get only the best ones, we have made this Blox Fruits Tier List Kitsune Update. In it, we are going to rank all the Fruits in the game, including the latest Fruit: Kitsune.

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Blox Fruits Tier List Kitsune Update
Blox Fruits Tier List Kitsune Update

Blox Fruits Tier List of Best Fruits Kitsune Update

A couple of things first before we get into the rankings. To begin with, many of these Fruits are quite expensive and hard to obtain. If you want to make this process a bit easier, we recommend that you check out our Blox Fruits Codes. We regularly update it with the latest codes, so it should always be up to date. Also, the only thing that we take into account here is the raw power of the Fruit in question. We don’t really care about the way it looks, or its lore background in the One Piece anime and manga. And with that out of the way, let’s see the Blox Fruits Tier List, starting with the most powerful at S Tier, and working our way down to the weakest Fruits in D Tier:

  • S Tier: Kitsune, Dark, Dragon, Buddha, Blizzard, Leopard, Rumble, Dough, Mammoth, Spider, Soul, Venom, and Shadow.
  • A Tier: Ghost, Barrier, Rumble, Sound, Light, Magma, String, Phoenix, Flame, Quake, and Control.
  • B Tier: Gravity, Ice, Diamond, Paw, and Sand.
  • C Tier: Rubber, Smoke, Love, Falcon, and Spring.
  • D Tier: Rocket, Spin, Bomb, Chop, Door, and Spike.
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