Bravely Default 2 JP Farming

Farming Job Points in Bravely Default 2 is a system that allows you to earn the points relatively quickly and easily. Grinding out JP in Bravely Default 2 with this method lets you level up your Jobs for all characters at a good pace, which will come in very handy throughout the game. However, it does require some preparation, and fighting the same enemy over and over. We’ll show you what we believe is the best method in our Bravely Default 2 JP Farming guide.

bravely default 2 jp farming
Bravely Default 2 JP Farming

How to Farm JP in Bravely Default 2

When it comes to JP farming in Bravely Default 2, the process we’ll take you through does require some time and patience, but it’ll be worth your while. First off, the system will really only work properly in Chapter 2 or 3; you’re not likely to be strong enough to pull it off in the first one. However, you can start working on it fairly early. By that, I mean that you should give everyone the Freelancer job and level them up to 12. This is because, on Level 9 and 12, the job gives you passive abilities called “JP Up” and “JP Up and Up,” respectively.

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With both of these abilities unlocked and equipped on all character, each of them will have a 1.7 JP multiplier. After that, you can freely get rid of the Freelancer and give each character something else to do. You will retain the passive JP boost, so don’t worry about that. Now for the main part of Bravely Default 2 JP farming. Go to the waterfall area north of the game’s first town and find the rare monster called Leanan Sith. It’s the elf-like creature with a large flower growing out of its head.

You can farm this monster to your heart’s content. It earns you a ton of Job Points, and also enough gold to pitch a tent whenever you need a rest while still being in the green. To make the creature respawn, simply walk away for a bit and come back. Rinse and repeat until you have as much JP as you want, or until you get bored. If you have another system for grinding JP that you prefer, let us know in the comments.

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