Brawl Stars Crashing on Startup Fix

If Brawl Stars keeps crashing on startup, you should know that you’re not the only one with this problem. Today was a frustrating day for all Brawl Stars players. The maintenance that was scheduled to last for only a few hours, exceeded 15 hours. After a lengthy maintenance break, Brawl Stars players are now facing a new problem: the game crashes on startup, preventing them from playing the new Hypercharge Unleash event. However, like any other game, it is not immune to crashing, thus, let’s see how to fix this problem.

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Brawl Stars Crashing on Startup Fix
How to Fix Brawl Stars Crashing on Startup

How to Fix Brawl Stars Crashing on Startup

According to the latest developers posts on twitter they found some issues that are crashing the game 100% of the times. The first problem causing this is matchmaking issue. Unfortunately, they don’t have magic solutions for the this issue, thus, they will disable matchmaking, as well as the sharing Replays feature as there’s another bug related to it. To fix Brawl Stars crashing on startup here’s the workaround:

  • Rotate your device during the loading screen. This is a strange workaround, but it has been reported to work for some players. Simply rotate your device from portrait to landscape mode, or vice versa, while the game is loading.
  • Take a screenshot of the game during the loading screen. This is another workaround that has been reported to work. Simply take a screenshot of the game while it is loading. This will force the game to reload and may fix the crashing issue.
  • Slide down to device settings (flashlight, brightness, airplane mode, etc.). This workaround is not as well-known, but it has also been reported to work. Simply slide down from the top of your device to access the quick settings menu. Then, slide back up to close the menu. This may fix the crashing issue.
  • Update your iOS to 17 if it’s available for you. If you are using an iOS device, you should make sure that you are running the latest version of the operating system. This is because Supercell may have released a patch to fix the crashing issue in iOS 17. To update your iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Developers know that this has been frustrating for all of us, thus, there will be additional reward to all players as a way of apologizing for the inconvenience. This reward will be a Legendary Starr Drop in the shop for everyone.

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