Call of Dragons Best Faction Guide

Call of Dragons features three factions you can join. These are: Wilderburg, League of Order, and Springwardens. Naturally, each one has its pros and cons, things they do really well, and things they don’t excel at. But what is the best faction in Call of Dragons? This is not an easy choice to make, and you need to take everything about each faction into consideration before deciding. To help you make the best possible choice about the right faction for you, we have made this Call of Dragons Best Faction Guide. In it, we are going to go over all the factions and see which one is the best.

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Call of Dragons Best Faction Guide
Call of Dragons Best Faction Guide

Best Faction in Call of Dragons

First of all, let’s go over each faction and what they do best. We’ll start with Wilderburg. A great newbie-friendly faction, they provide the following faction bonus effects: Legion Physical Attack +3% and Build Engineering +10%. Needless to say, this is a sizable increase in building speed, and you can easily make a lot of use of it. The starting Hero for Wilderburg is Bakhar, and this is a very physical damage-oriented faction, with Orcs, Goblins, Satyrs, and Tavrosi making up the bulk of its forces.

Next, the League of Order. As their name suggests, they focus on good races such as Humans, Halflings, and Celestials. Because of their inherent faction bonuses of Legion Magic Defense +3% and Gathering Speed +10%, they make for an excellent choice if you want to be able to farm as much resources as you can. And, finally, the Springwardens. With Legion March Speed +5% and Healing Speed +5%, they are naturally geared towards dominating in PvP. However, they are not a good early-game choice, and only really come into their own in the late game.

So, what is the best faction in Call of Dragons? Well, this all depends on your playstyle and whether you’re a new or experienced player. For the early game, we’d say that Wilderburg is the best choice, while Springwardens are better in the late game. But you really can’t go wrong no matter which faction you chose.

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