Call of Dragons Tier List

Call of Dragons is a new MMO made by the creators of Rise of Kingdoms. It features intense RTS combat, in which you can use your Heroes to defeat mighty creatures called Behemoths, which you can then summon in PvP battles. Of course, as is the case with games such as this, Call of Dragons has many different characters you can use to dominate. And the choice of which ones to use can determine the course of the entire game, as some are obviously much more powerful than others. To help you decide on the best Hero for you, we are going to rank all of them in this Call of Dragons Tier List.

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Call of Dragons Tier List
Call of Dragons Tier List

Call of Dragons Tier List of Best Heroes

The Heroes in Call of Dragons come in three levels of rarity. These are Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Every Hero is unique and they have different roles in the game. For example, some are excellent in combat, while others are great at resource-gathering. Also, the game is new, so it is very probable that many of these Heroes are going to be nerfed or buffed in future updates. Finally, note that these are our personal rankings and they are subject to change. If you have a Hero that you think that we have ranked too high or too low, then please tell us why that is in the comments. And with that said, let’s see all of the rankings themselves:

  • S Tier: Hosk (Legendary), Emrys (Legendary), Liliya (Legendary), and Nico (Legendary).
  • A Tier: Madeline (Epic), Waldyr (Epic), Theia (Legendary), Velyn (Legendary), Gwanwyn (Epic), and Eliana (Epic).
  • B Tier: Garwood (Legendary), Kregg (Epic), Alistair (Epic), Nika (Legendary), Pan (Epic), Atheus (Epic), and Alywn (Epic).
  • C Tier: Bakhar (Epic), Ordo (Elite), Kella (Elite), and Chakcha (Elite).
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