Can't Reach Item Disney Dreamlight Valley, Donald & Merlin House

Is an item stuck and you can’t reach it behind the telescope in Merlin’s house? Or maybe an item dropped in Donald’s boat house too far away, and now it’s stuck between the couch (sofa) and desk (table) and you can not reach it? You should know that you are not the only one with the unreachable item issue in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Read on to learn how to fix this issue and get to the item you can not reach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Can't Reach Item Disney Dreamlight Valley, Donald & Merlin House

Can’t Reach Item in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Donald’s House & Merlin’s House Fix

Unfortunately, being an early access title, the game is still rough around the edges. There are still quite a few bugs and issues that need to be polished. For example, one such problem is related to various item rewards. Characters like Donald and Merlin will drop you rewards on the ground for you to pick them up. However, sometimes they drop these items in such a way that you can not reach them. We’ve seen a memory dropping in an unreachable place in Merlin’s house, right between the telescope and the window.

Or, in Donald’s boat house, one of the quest rewards is stuck between the couch and the table, and you can not grab it no matter what you try. This is, understandably, rather frustrating, as you can not pick up the item and progress the quest. We’ve even seen one player reporting an item being stuck behind rocks in the cave! So, what is the solution when you can not reach an item in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge (and we’ve searched a lot!) there’s currently no 100% working workaround.

Some players report that leaving and entering the house where the item is stuck a couple of times might fix the problem. Others claim that restarting the game a few times should do the trick. However, keep in mind that these are not confirmed solutions and some players say they don’t work. Ultimately, we will have to wait for the bug to be fixed.

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  1. A
    Andrew Bennett

    The problem I’m having is being told to build a birdhouse, having all the right items, yet not being allowed to build it.

    Also struggling to sell unwanted items to Goofy with the message “NotEnoughItems” [sic].

    Shame, as it looks a large and engrossing game. Hope it is fixed soon…

    1. M
      Matthew Frakes

      Last night I finished the Maui subquest to get him to Dreamlight Valley and upon placing his house in the water I noticed the Scrooge McDuck’s build sign was in the water and I cannot get to the house to build it. I can also not find a way to move/rotate the house since it has already been placed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      1. M
        Mckayla arnett

        I am having the same issue, did you find a fix?

        1. C
          Chloe burgess

          Go into your items and hit furniture !! I did the same thing at first

          1. S

            Thank you it worked! Go into your inventory people if something gets stuck, mauis house was stuck in the water I couldn’t get to the duck sign

          2. S

            If you haven’t figured this out yet, all you need to do is go back into the furniture menu, then select and move the house. I’ve done the same thing with both his and Ursulas cave home since they are both on the water. If you’re on the Switch, tapping the L/R keys should rotate the building while in build mode.

      2. A

        Go into inventory and then go to furniture option once that’s open hit Y to close the menu but stay in edit mode. Select his house and then rotate with LB or RB or move to desired area close enough to land to be able to get to the sign (I’m playing on Xbox but I assume it works similar on other consoles)

        1. L

          Thank you! Very helpful!

        2. H

          I’m having an issue with walle. I’m level 10 friends with him. And for one of his quests I need to collect things for Ariel. The lightbulb is in his house and I can see it and it sparkles. But I can’t pick it up! I’ve tried restarting, Waiting a full day so the daily things are reset, moving his house. And nothing is working. I’m really lost on what I can do to fix it. Any suggestions?

          Also. For Ariel and Ursula. I take that boat and go to the island where Ariel was found. And then just return right away and then they usually move to their houses or to another location on the map. I’ve never had to physically move their houses yet.

      3. C

        I found that while in furniture mode if you scroll out in that view making more of the area visible, you can select the whole house to move it and get access to the sign.

      4. K

        Pressing Y will bring up the inventory, on the left side it has a menu (inventory,wardrobe, and build) if you go into build then press B it gives you the ability to move things…. unless you already tried that, if so I am sorry!

      5. M

        You can move outdoor objects like houses I had trouble figuring it out at first but you go into furniture mode then back out button just once to where it doesn’t fully close window but the. Let’s you move objects when you move pointer over them..I really hope That all it is for you and that it fixes it. My issue is orb stuck behind telescope in Merlin’s

      6. K

        The same thing happened to me with Ursula’s house. You can go back into the build menu and click on the house and then move it closer to the land so you can get to the build sign.

      7. T
        Todd M Demuth

        You are able to grab it thru the furniture tab once your in it just press y or what ever the button is on your system and move the hand to it’s center worked for me

        1. G

          I am having the same problem though it’s not a reward item, I’m doing the house fit for a duck quest and I need to collect/pick up the items, however when I go to pick up the last jug, off the table I can’t. It’s really annoying now I have Donald following me around annoyingly. I don’t know what to do.

          1. A

            mine keeps doing the same thing! now donald wont stop following me

          2. V

            It won’t let me pick up the book stuck under the table in Donald’s house

          3. F

            Same here issue with jug issue

          4. V

            They fixed the Donald Duck Award item. They move it to the end of the couch. Also tonight when digging the sparkly spots I got dream shards.

          5. H
            Haley Goldbeck

            Go to your quest tab and un click the quest so Donald doesn’t follow you anymore. It also will not show up on the side of your screen.
            I don’t know how to fix the glitch. Having the same issue with an object I need to pick up (lightbulb) in WALL·E’s house.

      8. S

        Also having this same issue while on the switch. All of the suggestions aren’t working for me 🙁 going into edit mode won’t let me move it since I’m assuming it isn’t built/unlocked yet

        1. J

          For switch, I figured this out (sort of lol). I had placed something on the beach (storage) then decided I didn’t want it there. I went into Furniture; X to close which kept the hand (out flat) curser (not the pointer finger) then I was able to move the grotto. Hope that helps.

        2. K

          Did you ever sort this out? Mines doing the exact same!

      9. C

        I am having the exact same issue and came on here to see if there’s a fix. It just said “put it in the water” and so I put it just out of reach :’(

        1. K

          Snap! Have you found a way to fix it yet? My edit furniture way isn’t working!

      10. J

        I have this same problem! So frustrating and haven’t been able to find a way to move his house yet 🙁 Let me know if anyone figures it out!

      11. A

        OK had the same problem with Ursula. go near to his house
        (not to near as you need to move it. go to your inventory window then furniture. it should show all furniture options. now no xbox on the right hand side it shows Y to go in to placement mode. you can now click on the house and move it. pretty much everything in the game can be moved. (I used this trick to remove some annoying stones I kept getting stuck on and some trees in the forest as I couldn’t see anything

      12. L

        Im having the same issue with Mauis house! It’s making me so mad because I can’t progress much further without getting him to the island and breaking the darn coral!

      13. A

        Go on to your inventory, then furniture, you should be able to move it closer to the sand.

        1. S

          Got pretty far in the game and then poof. Donalds trophy got stuck between coffee table and couch! F#@%!. Got mad and completwly restarted the game….tgen what so you know it worked!…..then came the new issue where it won’t let me pick up the lightbulb at all off Wall-E’s floor…….

      14. C

        Try going to the Furniture category, then backing out of it to where you can move items. This is what helped me.

      15. D
        Daisy Bernards

        Go to your inventory. Go left to the bottum tab furniture. Pres y and you can replace or turn around the house

      16. I

        Any update on this fix? Exact same issue has happened on this end!

      17. L

        You definitely can move the house if you’re back in furniture placing mode by pressing f. If it’s not letting you move the house then it’s a glitch.

      18. C
        Cameron Hart

        We had that problem with Ursula, we were able to move by going into furniture pressing back (B) on Xbox and you can grab and move it. Hope that helps!

      19. F

        You can just click on “y” on Xbox to open your inventory, go to your house furniture, then you can press “y” again to move the items on the map. So you can move the house near the sand.

      20. K

        This happened to me too!! I’m so so sad 🙁

      21. C

        You can move placed houses by going Into inventory then furniture as l I ng ad it isn’t built yet I think.

      22. N
        Nathalia Rabelo

        I can help you with that! Just go to your pocket (X), then go to furniture, use the little hand to select your object (like the house) and use the R or ZR to rotate it (I’m not playing right now, so the instructions might be a little wrong, but it is a easy fix

    2. E

      Yess, the freaking memory stuck in the wall in the cave. I hope they realize.

    3. J

      I’m having this exact problem, it’s actually really annoying. Can’t really progress in the game at all

    4. D

      I’m stuck with a jug being stuck between Donald Ducks coffee table and sofa, you cannot use furniture mode in other peoples houses so I don’t know what to do. Personally I think it’s stupid that Donald would put it that close to the coffee table in the first place because you would literally have to stand on the damn table just to sit on the sofa at all, I rage quit just because of it

  2. N

    Hello, can someone help? I’m in the cave of mystical. I placed the garden items in the wrong order and it won’t allow me to pull them back up….. any idea how I reset or take them out? Helllllp

    1. A

      I had the same thing. After a while I figured out that you can make a hole with your shovel and plant the items again. I hope this was helpful.

    2. C

      water, harvest, try again

  3. N

    I’m stuck with cleaning Donald’s house. One of his rewards is stuck under the table so I can’t pick it up.

    1. A

      Yeah I have the same issue

    2. J

      I am also having the issue where one item is stuck under Donald’s table

      1. D

        They really need to update the game like yesterday, it’s really upsetting to know so many others are having the same problems and they haven’t been resolved yet

    3. S

      I’m having the same problem

    4. E

      Same issue here. Very frustrating!

  4. M

    I have the memory stuck behind the telescope in merlins house and can’t finish cleaning Donald’s house. Hope there is a fix soon

  5. C

    I am also stuck with the book of donald it is stuck under de table and i cant get to it.
    Wat do i do now??

  6. J
    Josh Seabolt

    Getting error that says invalid item everytime I try to buy Merlin blue furniture, and now it won’t even pull up furniture. Any suggestions?

    1. L

      A lot of the time when I completely restart the game it’ll fix stupid glitches like that

  7. A

    yep got the cave one. it near where you get the orb. I picked up the diary page and the memory orb landed behind what looks like 3 seats or pedestals. my my fix is if this happens immediately exit out of the game and I mean exit not using the game menu. as the game uses an every 5 minutes auto save you may be lucky and return to a couple of minutes before the item dropped to try again. this isn’t a 100% perfect solution but as I said if you’re lucky the auto save hasn’t kicked in

  8. R

    I just unlocked glade of trust and released mother gothel and I need Scrooge mcduck to build Ursulas house and I can’t because the curse trapped characters inside home so now I can not progress in my mission and essentially am stuck here until this issue/bug gets fixed

    1. L

      I had a similar glitch with Elsa. After trying and failing to fix it I went and did other quests and came back to it and it seemed to resolve itself.

  9. E


    I have experienced a problem in the mystical cave.

    When you get to the last puzzle, there is a diary page/memory

    this memory /flew” behind what looks like an Altar/with 3 sacrificial stones down in front.

    And now stuck in there, I can’t pick it up, or use the furniture function as I’m inside the cave and that’s not an option.

    Has anyone had the same problem and found a solution?

    have tried restarting the game with no success.

    1. C

      I have the same problem but i haven’t found a solution yet.

    2. M

      Same thing happened to me. I immediately restarted without saving hoping it would come back to just a few minutes before but I didn’t. It’s still stuck. I was trying to figure out if we don’t look at them if they appear later in the game or if we are just don’t get this memory. I am really upset about it. 😔

  10. C

    And i also have a memorie stuck in the 2nd cave

    1. E

      I have in Merlins house too :/

  11. T

    I’m having a problem with the Scrooge McDuck quest what’s bad for business! I gave Ursula the flower that she wanted in exchange for the catfish Scrooge wanted and my inventory was full so I dropped something and she didn’t give me the catfish now I’m stuck with it saying get the catfish from Ursula! I restarted the game and talked to her and looked around where I was and nothing! Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. M
      Michael Clark

      This exact thing has happened right now… fix yet?

  12. C

    I’m currently doing Moana’s “The Remembering” quest. After collecting the flowers, I went to talk to Maui. He was standing behind the counter at Scrooage’s. It said a Memory orb should have appeared and I need to investigate it to further the quest. But no orb ever populated and now I don’t know what to do! 🙁 I feel like I’ve tried everything and still nothing. ;(

    1. K

      Mine showed up under Scrooge’s counter, but I can’t reach it at all.

    2. C

      That orb is under the counter of scrooge it is stuck there

    3. L

      I’m having the same issue, it’s stuck under the desk. I’ve tried restarting and leaving a few times but it’s still stuck. Hopefully this gets fixed soon 🙁

    4. M

      I am glad I’m not alone! I talked to Maui in Scrooges store for this quest and my memory orb is Stuck in Scrooges desk! I really hope there’s a fix as I’ve tried everything and cannot get close to it! I really don’t want to start my game over again!

      1. B

        Same thing has happened to me. Please let me know if you find a fix.

    5. C

      My orb for Moana is stuck under the counter 😞 been there for days and no way of getting it

  13. S

    Donald quest. If you stand between the bookcases but as far to the left one as possible and drop an item then move slightly it gives you an option to pick up the stuck part. Not good but a solution in the mean time.

    1. P

      I did this and now my dropped item is stuck next to the book 🙁

  14. K

    Sorted. Closed the app from within side the settings, and re opened it and then it let me move Mauis house from the water in the edit furniture mode.

  15. J

    Hi..I’m trying to place items in the village and it keeps saying “ you have reached village object limit” does anyone know what that means? I’ve tried moving things and taking other items and putting them in my storage but nothing is working.

    1. (
      (Hopefully) Helpful Stranger

      If you go into furniture mode it should say ###/600 somewhere.. I am guessing that the automated ressource spawning went beyond the limit and once you picked enough stuff up, it should let you place stuff again, this however is only a guess, so I hope I could be of help

  16. D

    I’m at the quest “the remembering” for Moana, Maui dropt the memory in Scrooge McDuck’s store but I can not see it for that not go further with the quest. Restarting or going in and out of the house is not working. Anybody suggestions how to still get it? Thanks!

    1. V

      I am also having trouble with the remembering quest! Moana memory is stuck in scrooges desk

  17. S

    Is anyone else having an issue with the paper in merlins house spawning? It’s for the lair sweet lair quest

  18. A

    So for the quest “the remembering” for Moana, I had given Maui some thing, and he gave me a memory. However when I gave it to him he was in Scrooge’s shop behind the counter, now the memory is stuck in the counter and I have no idea how to get it out I can’t pick it up it’s in the counter, can anyone help me? I’ve been trying for days

    1. V

      I have been having this issues for like 2 weeks now and no solution!!! I have drove over it

  19. P
    Pamela Heintz

    I enter my house and I can’t enter the main room once inside. It’s like something is blocking it. I can’t figure out what it is. There are two white square tiles appearing on floor. I’ve tried removing them with no success.

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