How to Change Language in Age of Empires 4

The long-awaited Age of Empires 4 is out, and fans are busy getting reacquainted with the newest entry into one of the most influential real-time strategy series of all time. While most players are no doubt happy to play another AoE game, a couple of questions have popped up concerning AoE4 and the way it works. Apart from the question of whether or not you can rotate the buildings in AoE4 like you could in AoE3, the biggest issue right now is how to change the language. Since, unlike most other games, this isn’t in the gameplay options, players are, understandably, confused over how to do this. To help you accomplish this, we have made this How to Change Language in Age of Empires 4 guide.

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How to Change Language in Age of Empires 4

How to Change Language in AoE4

If you are playing AoE4 using the Microsoft Store and Xbox App, you will need to complete several steps to change the language. If you are running Windows 10, first close the Microsoft Store and the Xbox app. Next, open Settings. After that, select Time & language, and then Language & Region. From the Preferred languages list, select the language you want from the Add a language option. That language pack will now download and be installed on all the Windows Store apps, including AoE4. If the language you want is already here, move it to the top of the Preferred languages list. The process is even easier on Windows 11. Start by closing the Xbox app. Open Settings > Time & Language > Language & Region. Drag the language you want here above English.

Something we have to note here is that some Xbox players have said that this official method only changed their Xbox app language, and not the language in AoE4 as well. If this has happened to you, we recommend you directly contact AoE Support. To change the AoE4 language in the Steam version, find the game in your Steam Library. Right-click on it. Select Properties, then Language. Select the language you want to use – if the game supports it, that is.

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