Circlet of Patience Roblox Innovation Awards 2022

If you want to get the Circlet of Patience in the Roblox Innovation Awards 2022 you’re gonna have to arm yourself with, well, a lot of patience. You’ll have to do a whole lot of pretty precise platforming until you reach the top. Fortunately, there is a way to make things easier on yourself. So, let’s see how to get the Circlet of Patience in the event formerly known as Bloxy Awards.

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circlet of patience roblox innovation awards 2022
Circlet of Patience Roblox Innovation Awards 2022

How to Get Circlet of Patience Roblox Innovation Awards 2022

To get the Circlet of Patience in the Roblox Innovation Awards 2022, previously known as the Bloxy Awards, the first step is to go into the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub. Just find it in the Roblox launcher and press the play button. Once you spawn into the game, look to your left. You’ll spot a ray of light going into the sky and down to the ground. Approach the place where the light hits the ground and a “ghostly” step is going to appear at your feet. Ideally, you’ll first go into a public server, so that you can see other people attempting to do the same thing. You can give it a try yourself. However, the other players pushing and shoving are gonna make it a nightmare.

So, what you need to do to get the Robolox Innovation Awards 2022 Circlet of Patience more easily is to memorize where the beginning of the staircase is, then log out of the public server and hop onto a private server. Ideally one where you’re completely alone, or it’s just your friends. That way, you can do the platforming in peace. It’s hard enough without other people. As you make your way up, it might seem like the stairs just end in the middle of nowhere. When that happens, look below you. Yup, there’s a wide platform underneath. Drop onto it, then keep climbing all the way to the top. When you step onto the final, large platform, you will get a badge, aka the Circlet of Patience award.

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