Clash of Clans TH16 Release Date

While there are many important buildings in your CoC town, none really compare with the Town Hall. The heart and center of your community, the Town Hall allows you to unlock further buildings as you upgrade it. Currently, you can upgrade your Town Hall to Level 15. But this may change soon. Namely, there are strong indications that you are going to be able to take this to Level 16 in the December update! Here’s everything that we know about the possible Clash of Clans TH16 Release Date.

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Clash of Clans TH16 Release Date
Clash of Clans TH16 Release Date

When is CoC Town Hall 16 Release Date?

So while we still don’t know the exact date when it is coming, there have been strong hints from the devs themselves that we will be able to get the Level 16 Town Hall soon. As you can see in the tweet below, a fully-upgraded Level 15 Town Hall is in the middle of the screen. And when you press it, an upgrade pop-up will appear – with an upgrade button available. And, since the building is at max level, this shouldn’t be possible. Yet, there it is, and it costs 18 Million Gold. There are other hints in this tweet’s video as well, such as all resources being 16.

And that’s not all. The second hint comes from the official news over on the CoC website. It reads: “After that, we have a huge Home Village-focused December update that’s going to make most of those strategies old news!” This most likely refers to the TH16, and it seems that it is coming as part of the upcoming December update. And though we don’t know the exact date when it is going to drop, odds are very good that we are going to see the Town Hall Level 16 – as well as what’s up with the Mysterious Blue Fox that was recently spotted in the game – then.

UPDATE: Town Hall 16 has been confirmed! As you can see in the tweet below, we can expect to play it this December! In the words of the devs themselves: “Spread the news!”

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