Clover Axolotl Value Pet Simulator X

The Clover Axolotl is a Mythical Pet in Pet Sim X. Sporting a very interesting look that’s obviously inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, the Clover Axolotl is bright green, with several four-leaf clovers at the end of its whiskers. This is a pet that you will most definitely want to get. In this guide, we are going to show you the exact value of the Clover Axolotl in Pet Simulator X, and also explain how you can get it in the game.

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Clover Axolotl Value Pet Simulator X
Clover Axolotl Value Pet Simulator X

Clover Axolotl Value in Pet Sim X

This Mythical Pet is available in several variants – Normal, Shiny, Golden, Rainbow, and Dark Matter, as well as Hardcore versions. So let’s start with the value of the Normal Clover Axolotl. It is valued at 50 Million Diamonds. The Shiny Clover Axolotl at 200 Million Diamonds, the Golden at 150 Million Diamonds, the Rainbow at 600 Million Diamonds, and the Dark Matter at 2 Billion Diamonds. The Normal Hardcore is worth an estimated 1 Billion Diamonds, the Golden Hardcore at 3 Billion Diamonds, the Rainbow Hardcore at 12 Billion Diamonds, and finally the Dark Matter Hardcore at 40 Billion Diamonds.

Note that all of these are rough estimates of how much all of these are worth. Also, the prices for all Pet Sim X pets are constantly changing, which means that the value of the Clover Axolotl can dramatically change from one day to the next.

How to Get Clover Axolotl in Pet Simulator X

You can get the Clover Axolotl in Pet Simulator X in one of two ways. The first method is by trading for it. That is why we have listed all of the values for this pet. The other method requires that you use the Clover Currency to buy one of the special eggs that are available during the St. Patrick’s Day in-game event.

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