CoC Builder Base of the North Challenge 3 Stars

The Builder Base of the North is a new challenge for Clash of Clans. Designed by AshJer, this is a particularly tough challenge to get 3 stars in. Its description reads: “Do you possess the thaw-some skill to beat this icy Builder Base challenge designed by AshJer? We snow you’ve got it in you!” So, if you are curious about how to 3 Stars the CoC Builder Base of the North Challenge, we are here to explain exactly how this can be done.

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CoC Builder Base of the North Challenge 3 Stars
CoC Builder Base of the North Challenge 3 Stars

How to Beat Builder Base of the North Challenge in Clash of Clans

This challenge prominently features off the new Of The North Scenery, which you can purchase from the game shop. Start by placing a Dropship right in the middle of the base. Doing this will damage all of the towers around it. After that, put your Wizard to the left of the Laboratory and turn on its Electric mode. This way, it will chain its attacks to the Tesla that is in the middle of the base.

Once the Wizard has destroyed the air-targeting defenses in that corner, place the Baby Dragon near the Firecrackers below. Use its ability to wipe out all of these. Next, place the Battlemachine at the north, alongside some Night Witches. Use the Battlemachine and Night Witches and their abilities to take care of the cannons and Mega Tesla in the middle. If you have done all of this correctly, you should be able to easily get 3 Stars in the Clash of Clans Builder Base of the North Challenge. And if, for whatever reason, you haven’t gotten all three stars here, simply replay using this strategy until you have managed to do so. So have fun and enjoy the rewards you will get from this challenge.

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