COD Cold War Ultimate Edition vs Standard

Like many games of its kind, COD Cold War has several editions on offer. They range from the bare bones, just-the-game ones to the ones filled with various in-game goodies and cosmetic items. If you’re looking to buy the game, you probably want to know about the differences between these editions, which is exactly what our COD Cold War ultimated edition vs standard guide will show you.

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cod cold war ultimate edition vs standard
COD Cold War Ultimate Edition vs Standard

The standard edition includes the game and the Confrontation Weapons Pack, and costs $60. If you shell out $10 more, you can get the cross-gen edition, which allows you to switch between consoles of different generations in the same family (Xbox One to Xbox Series X or S, Playstation 4 to Playstation 5).

COD Black Ops Cold War Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition costs $90. It contains the game, the Confrontation Weapons Pack, cross-gen support, the Land, Sea & Air Pack, and a Battle Pass Bundle for any post-launch season of COD Cold War, with 20 tier skips included.

The Land, Sea and Air Pack includes three operator skins, three vehicle skins and three weapon blueprints, divided into three themed packs. They are:

  • Land Pack
    • Ground Infantry operator skin, with bandolier and mesh face covering.
    • Sucker Punch shotgun blueprint, with a sawed off stock and short barrel.
    • Red Bear tank skin with worn blue paint and a red star on the side.
  • Sea Pack
    • Special operations wetsuit operator skin.
    • Black Tide assault rifle blueprint, with gold accents.
    • Leviathan boat skin with a zebra pattern.
  • Air Pack
    • Airborne division flightsuit operator skin.
    • Wingman pistol blueprint with a checkered muzzle and fin flash insignia.
    • Death Dealer chopper skin with yellow markings on blue paint and an utterly tasteless caricature on the side, because war is funny.

COD Black Ops Cold War is set for release on November 13th.

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