COD Mobile Codes December 2023, Free Skins and Camos

Looking for the latest working Call of Duty: Mobile redeem codes in December 2023? You’re in the right place! One of the most popular mobile FPS games is COD Mobile, which was released in 2019. The game has many attractive cosmetics that appeal to players, besides its immersive gameplay. To get some free COD Mobile rewards like free Operators, Skins, Camos, Charms, and Calling Cards, you can use these COD Mobile redeem codes.

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COD Mobile Redeem Codes December 2023, Free Operators & Camos

COD Mobile Redeem Codes December 2023

DECEMBER 1st Update: We’ve checked for new codes, and we’ve found several new and working COD Mobile codes for December 2023. Redeem these Call of Duty codes for free skins, calling cards, gun skins, and much more! Cal of Duty Season 10 is here, and we expect more new promo coupons to be added. Hence, make sure to return and check out for new codes!

If you want to get some free rewards in Call of Duty: Mobile, you can use redeem codes that Activision provides through various channels. These codes can come from social media posts, live streams, COD Mobile influencers, special events, and more. However, these codes are not always valid and can expire anytime. Activision can also deactivate them without warning. So, don’t wait too long to use them. Here are the December 2023 COD Mobile redeem codes that are still working:

  • CNNAZBZPGQ – Redeem this code for free skins
  • CNCIZBZ4GM – Redeem this code for Amphibious Assault Crate
  • CMFOZBZRBS – Redeem this code for Character Charly “Local Legend”
  • CMTEZBZ5CW – Redeem this code for Bloody Vow Crate & Rank Shield Card
  • CMQVZDZ8CM – Redeem this code for Kurohana Special Airdrop
  • CLTCZBZ6FX – Redeem this code for MG4 Charm

How to Redeem COD Mobile Codes

As with many other mobile games, COD Mobile codes can not be redeemed within the game itself. Rather, you’ll need to visit the official Call of Duty: Mobile Redemption Center. If you are not sure how to redeem COD Mobile codes, check out the steps below:

  • Launch Call of Duty: Mobile on your device
  • Look for UID below the avatar icon in the Player Profile
  • Copy your UID (you can leave the game now)
  • Head to the Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center
  • Paste your UID
  • Enter a redeem code
  • Enter captcha numbers
  • Click on the “Submit” button

You’re done! Now you can enjoy your COD redeem code rewards in the game! Just remember: You need to update COD Mobile before you use a code. If you don’t, you might miss out on your rewards! That’s all you need to do. Have fun with your rewards and the game! And let us know in the comments if any of these codes are not working!

Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center
Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center
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