COD Vanguard Blueprint Bug - Can't Use Blueprints - Ultimate Edition Content Missing

In our COD Vanguard Blueprint Bug – Can’t Use Blueprints – Ultimate Edition Content Missing guide, we’re going to be covering a few problems that share the same DNA. We’ll try to explain why the blueprint bug is happening in the new Call of Duty, aka why you can’t use the blueprints you’ve paid to get access to, and why your Ultimate Edition content seems to not be there. The brief answer is – it’s another messy launch from Actiblizz. The longer answer, well… let’s dive in.

cod vanguard blueprint bug cant use blueprints ultimate edition content missing
COD Vanguard Blueprint Bug – Can’t Use Blueprints – Ultimate Edition Content Missing

COD Vanguard Can’t Use Blueprints Bug

The COD Vanguard can’t use blueprints bug has been hitting a lot of players, as we’ve already said. The way it’s supposed to work is, you reach level 4 to unlock custom classes, then you go into the multiplayer and tab over to “Weapons.” You then go to “Loadouts” and pick a custom class. Then, you pick a weapon you have a blueprint for, then pick “Armory,” and it’s all pretty self-explanatory from there. However, that system doesn’t seem to work yet, even for players that have purchased the pricey Ultimate Edition. They were supposed to get several blueprints right off the bat, but this bug is preventing access to these items. If this error has befallen you, make sure to let Activision support know.

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COD Vanguard Ultimate Edition Content Missing

The Ultimate Edition content missing in COD Vanguard is directly connected to the blueprint bug, at least to a degree. First off, the good news. The content from the battle pass that comes with the Ultimate Edition is not actually missing; it’s just not out yet. That stuff is supposed to appear in the game in December, so you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to that matter. However, if you don’t have access to the blueprints, then that circles us back to the section above. If you don’t have access to the blueprints you were supposed to get, make sure to contact Activision support. I’m sure this bug will be ironed out soon, but even so, log a complaint just in case.

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  1. B
    Brandon allocca

    It shows I have blueprints for weapons in cod vanguard but it won’t let me access them.. I have deleted and reinstalled the game and it’s still not working

  2. M
    Martin cooke

    Cannot access my blueprints please fix the bug.

  3. K

    Anyone who has come across the bug where you load up a Zombies game. Pick the “SnowStorm” Blueprint, But you dont get ANY weapons to fight the horde with? Until you select another loadout where you dont have that blueprint selected.???? Maybe Cover that.

    And also. We should make a petition to let Actiblizz know how sad their effort was in this game EVEN if it hurts the so called developers. If they are proud of their job that only means they needs to be fired because this game is not something you should be proud of. I and plenty other people could make something better in less time. Altho the campaign was decent just Wayyyyyyyyyy too many cutscenes.

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