COD Warzone Friends Not Showing Bug Fix

COD Warzone is having some problems online with the player’s friend list not showing, and a bug fix is required. Unfortunately, no official word has yet come from Activision. This means that some tried and tested methods need implementation. If you want to get back online with your team, then we can help. Read on as we discuss how to reclaim your friend list when it is not showing on COD Warzone.

COD Warzone Friends Not Showing Bug Fix
COD Warzone Friends Not Showing Bug Fix

One of the main reasons for the popularity of COD Warzone is the ability to play online with friends. Teaming up with your comrades for online victory is one of the main allures of the game. This makes it extra frustrating when you all arrange to play and find your friends list has vanished. This becomes worse when there is no official word on how to fix it.

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How to Fix Cod Warzone Friends Not Showing

The first possible fix you can try is to go into options. Select account and change cross-play to disabled. Once you have done this, reboot the game and reenable crossplay. You should then restart the game once more.

This should show your friends list when you log back on. If not, then it is an issue on Activision’s servers and not something you can fix. Patience will be the key.

Other solutions are standard, but they may just flick a switch somewhere. First, check you have the most recent patches and updates. It may be that you are missing one somewhere that will let you connect.

Trying to clear the cache on your console or PC.  This can sometimes reset the data and solve problems. Also try closing the application down, turning your console or PC off, and bringing it back on again. As a last-ditch attempt, you can try sending a random friend request to someone. This may kickstart your friend’s list.

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