Cold War Scare Package Challenge

The Cold War scare package challenge allows you access to special rewards in this year’s Halloween event. Named The Haunting, the event sees deceased COD players turned into Zombies. As well as this game mode, plenty of limited-edition Halloween goodies are on offer. However, if you have played you will know how frustrating trying to get the scare packages, has become. Read on as we help you with the scare package challenge in Cold War.

Cold War Scare Package Challenge
Cold War Scare Package Challenge

What Is a Scare Package Cold War?

The Haunting is this year’s Call of Duty special Halloween event. For participating, a whole host of rewards are on offer. To get them, you must complete the many challenges set out in the game.

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One of these asks you to open a Halloween scare package while in multiplayer or zombies. If you do so, it rewards you with a rare Slash-O-Lantern sticker. The problem is that this sounds very simple but is actually quite frustrating. There is little guidance on what these are, and in true Halloween fashion, it has left people in the dark.

What is a Scare Package Cold War?
What is a Scare Package in Cold War?

Confusion is arising about where and how to get them. Some people have assumed you pick up a normal care package on a Halloween map. Other people are getting frustrated as any care package they get never seems to be a special scare package.

These packages are rare, so you do have to do some work. You may need to call in four or five packages before one is actually a scare package. When you call them in, the helicopter will have lights and themed music will play. The package is reskinned and has a handle across the top that you may find on a candy-carrying basket. Reddit user Mundoschristmas posted the above image online for everyone to see what they actually look like.

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  1. C

    Add in the fact that it appears to be glitched out and your lucky if it registers that you opened it.

  2. J

    This is ridiculous. I got three care packages in a match and none were scare packages.

  3. B

    These things are stupid lame 20 care packages called in and 0 are “scare” packages then campers score them left and right in a match and I get screwed 2 more times that same match. Mechanics are busted in call of dooty

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