Collect a Statue - Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Quest

The first quest in Bloodhunt is Bloody Roots, in which you must collect a statue as a gift for Kirill. Very little information gets provided on its location. This can leave you wondering where to look. A random element to where it will appear can also cause problems. Read on as we discuss how to get the statue for Kirill.

Collect a Statue - Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Quest
Collect a Statue – Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Quest

To begin, you need to talk to all three clan heads (Custos, Kirill, and Maia). Start with Custos, and he will direct you subtly to where the others are. You will take part in some conversations with each. Once you have spoken to all three, head back to Custos. He will talk about a gift for Kirill and give you a mission to retrieve the statue.  You may not be able to get the quest until you have played a few games. 

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Bloodhunt Find and Retrieve a Statue – Bloody Roots Quest

Start a match, and as you start bouncing around the map, a small orange diamond-shaped mark should appear on the mini-map. Little is the optimal word here, and it will only appear when you get close to the statue. With very few clues, you will have to do some exploration.

The Bloodhunt statue location is most likely to be at the Auram Antiquities store. This is north of the Rooftop Restaurant and to the right of Divine Disco. A random element does exist in the placing of the statue. Some people have had it appear at different times, and some in different locations. If in doubt, scour the antique shops on the map.

Once the statue is picked up, you immediately complete the quest. You don’t need to return to Custos, and your reward will be 1000 XP points. If you return to Elysium, go and talk to Kirill. He will ask you to fetch a painting for Maia, starting the second part of the Bloody Roots Quest.

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