Control Unknown Caller - Oceanview Motel Puzzle & How to Reach Hotline

Unknown Caller is the second main story mission in Control. In order to complete it, you’ll have to get to the Hotline phone, an object of power kept within the building. Most of the mission is pretty straightforward, but there’s one part in the Communications Department which might be troublesome. This guide is going to show you how to reach hotline & solve Oceanview Motel puzzle in Control.

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control how to reach hotline chamber unknown caller
Control Unknown Caller – Oceanview Motel Puzzle & How to Reach Hotline

How to reach hotline phone?

Once you’re in the Communications Department, the sound of the ringing (and the sings on the walls, and the map markers) will lead you towards the Hotline Chamber. You won’t be able to reach ti, though. The corridor leading to it has collapsed, and there’s a bottomless pit between you and it. Thankfully, magic can help. On the left, near the sign, there is a light cord. Pull it three times, and you’ll be transported to the Oceanview Motel.

Oceanview Motel locked door puzzle

Once you’re in the motel, you’ll notice there are three doors. Ringing the bell in the lobby will open one and close the other two. Ring the bell until the door to room 226 is open. That’s the one at the bottom of the hall, on the left. Go inside and look for the pyramid key on the desk. Go back to the entrance and use the key to open the door with the black triangle on it. Pull the cord and you’ll be back in front of the Hotline Chamber, but the corridor will be fixed. Use it to get to the phone.

You’ll have to complete an Astral Plane challenge (pretty basic platforming and avoiding some enemies), then talk to Emily. Afterwards, the Unknown Caller mission will be over, and you’ll get the next one.

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