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    You can actually mess this up quite easily. The solution is to lay them in a domino chain, as in the same symbol has to match the same symbol on the next block. You can lay them the correct tiles in the impressions, but unless the sides connect with the correct symbols, you get nothing.

  2. J

    This is not at all accurate (the picture is, the description isn’t). There are a million ways to place the tiles incorrectly, the game does NOT prevent you from doing so, and you even have to click on the correct hand (one on either side of the placement location) to control the orientation of the tiles you place. I still have no idea what the rules are or how you’re supposed to solve it (is this majong or something like that?) but the screenshot is the correct orientation so I just made it match that.

  3. V

    It is a domino pattern but the question is how do you lay it out in the right rotation and direction? Depending on which side of the domino you click, you can lay the piece one way or the flipped way.

    The way I figured it out is the outer 2 dominos tell you which symbols should be in the row they are aligned with and in which order. Look at this image and it’ll make sense (although the top right one is hidden).

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    Righteous Tim

    As others have pointed out, the description is pretty bad. Here’s how to solve the puzzle:

    1. Place the outer pieces (with strange shapes) in the outer slots. Those will only got into the correct slots, and cannot be removed.
    2. The pieces in the middle “loop” must follow these rules:
    2.1 Each middle piece’s symbol must match the symbols on its adjacent pieces (i.e., like in domino), ignoring the outer ones.
    2.2 The symbols that appear on the outer pieces must also appear in the loop, in the same row / column at those outer pieces. So if you call the symbols on the outer piece “A” and “B”, there must be an “A” and “B” in the central loop, in line with the outer ones. None that, for the middle row, there will be a gap between the symbols (i.e., each symbol indicated by the outer piece will be on a different side of the central piece).

    That second rule is the key to understanding the puzzle.

    Each slot has two “hands”, so you can flip the pieces upside down until they match.

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      James Waterfield

      For some reason, I have not found all of the slabs, looked everywhere

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