Cookie Run Kingdom Star Jellies Farming

If you want to excel in Cookie Run Kingdom, then you need knowledge in farming star jellies. These treats let you level up your cookies fast. Star jelly itself has different levels, ranging from level one to seven. You can get them by completing levels in the game, along with a few added methods. We give our guide on farming star jellies below.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Star Jellies Farming
Cookie Run Kingdom Star Jellies Farming

There are many ways to earn Star Jellies in Cookie Run Kingdom. The best way to farm them is to build Cookie Houses. You can unlock these early in the game, using only two pieces of roll cake wood. They will build in five minutes, and you can make multiple houses at any one time.

Once they are complete, each house will produce a certain amount of star jellies over a given time. They can also store them and can store even more when you level up the houses. Leveling up will also produce more star jellies but over a longer production period.

The Fountain of Abundance is another building that generates rewards over time. The amount made depends on the level of the fountain. Once built, you need to check back often to claim any star jelly it may give up.

Playing different game modes can also give you access to star jellies. The Tower of Sweet Chaos is a challenging one, but if you can beat its many trays, you get higher level rewards than in other challenges. The Tropical Soda Islands is another game mode in which to get jellies, though it is easier to do. This involves visiting five different islands and saving villagers using your cookies. These islands produce star jellies, so the more you liberate, the more you can farm over time.

Finally, if you don’t want to hard work you can buy them. Certain bundles will allow you to swap real money for star jellies in-game. You can also visit the mileage shop within the game itself and pull cookies that have been promoted to the highest level.

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