Cookie Run Kingdom Tarte Tatin Cookie Toppings

If you want to know what the best toppings for Tarte Tartin in Cookie Run Kingdom are, you’ve come to the right place. Obviously, the choice is ultimately up to you and your preferences, but we can at least give you some ideas. So, what is the best biild for the Tarte Tarting Cookie? Let’s get into it.

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cookie run kingdom tarte tatin cookie toppings
Cookie Run Kingdom Tarte Tatin Cookie Toppings

Best Toppings for Tarte Tatin in Cookie Run Kingdom

Before we get to the best toppings in for the Tarte Tatin in Cookie Run Kingdom, we have to talk about the cookie itself. Namely, what is her role in the party? Well, she is an Epic cookie that hangs out in the rear of the party, and she’s a Ranged character. Her special ability is Cannonade, which does a ton of damage, reduces her own cooldown, and even does extra damage to bosses. It’s a fantastic skill, and just cements Tarte Tartin’s role as the DPS. Therefore, there are basically two ways you can do this: the glass cannon (pun intended) or the more balanced build. Which one you go with depends on your preferences.

So, in our opinion, the best toppings for Tarte Tartin in Cookie Run Kingdom are either five Searing Raspberry or five Solid Almond. The former is for maximum damage (aka the glass cannon), while the latter will keep the cookie alive for longer. I wouldn’t waste space on Swift Chocolate, since Tarte Tartin reduces her own cooldown. That should be more than enough. I suppose you could also go with a mix of, say, three Searing Raspberry and two Solid Almond. That’s if you want to get both some extra damage and a little longer lifespan. However, I’d recommend going fully with five of one or five of the other. Trying to straddle the line won’t do you much good in this case.

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