Dark and Darker Tier List of Best Classes

Dark and Darker is a very promising dark fantasy RPG. While it isn’t fully out yet (it’s planned for a Q4 2023 release), there is an option to join the D&D playtest, as many players have already done. Since Dark and Darker is a hardcore gaming experience, you will want to pick the best class, skills, and perks that are going to help you survive and triumph. In this Dark and Darker Tier List of Best Classes guide, we will be looking at which classes are the most and which ones are the least powerful, and rank them all according to these criteria.

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Dark and Darker Tier List of Best Classes
Dark and Darker Tier List of Best Classes

Dark and Darker Best Classes Tier List

Currently, there are six classes in the game. These are: Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, and Wizard. These roughly correspond to their usual fantasy game classes. This means that the Fighter is tanky, while the Rogue uses stealh and other such underhanded tricks, the Mage is an arcane spellcaster, and so on. As the game is still in development, more classes – as well as nerfs and buffs to existing classes – are possible. But as it stands now – as of December 2022 – this is how the rankings for the game look like. Before we get into the list itself, a couple of things to note.

First, we are going to rank the classes from the most powerful (S tier) all the way to the least powerful (B tier). Besides this, the game is perfectly playable with any class, and this list is only from a purely powergaming perspective. So if you rank a class higher or lower than us, feel free to tell us why that is in the comments.

  • S Tier: Wizard and Rogue.
  • A Tier: Cleric and Ranger.
  • B Tier: Fighter and Barbarian.
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    What’s the point of posting this tier list? You don’t explain any of the rankings – why do fighter and barbarian suck? Is this just opinion? Or is there data, or any other sourceable info?
    And to be even more nit picky since this is a silly article to begin with, there are typos.

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