Dave the Diver Best Taste

If you want to know how to get best taste in Dave the Diver up, this guide is the right place for you. We are going to explain how to raise the taste stat of your dishes so that you can complete the Cooksta Gold and Cooksta Platinum challenges. It will take some doing both in research and cooking, but it’s worth the effort. Let’s begin!

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dave the diver best taste
Dave the Diver Best Taste

How to Get Best Taste in Dave the Diver

To get and increase the best taste “stat” in Dave the Diver, there are two things you need to do, ideally at the same time. The first one is to keep researching and catching increasingly rare fish, which you do by continuing the story. The more research points you get, the better recipes you can unlock. Method #2 is to keep enhancing a dish that already has a high ranking. The closer it is to the goal (125 in the Cooksta Gold and 250 in Cooksta Platinum), the better. So, doing the combination of the two, enhancing and researching, is how you increase the taste of dishes. That’s basically what the game is all about, aside from doing dives.

And there you go, that’s how you get the best taste stat up in Dave the Diver to complete the challenges in Cooksta Gold and Cooksta Platinum. It’s important to note that you might not be able to reach the required taste threshold with the recipes you have. It’s possible that you have to keep researching until you get a recipe that even has the chance to get to 125 or 250. And even if every dish can conceivably be enhanced to the required number, it’s debatable whether that’s worth the resources. It might be more prudent to wait until you have access to a recipe that already has a high Taste stat and then enhance that. Either way, that’s up to you to decide. It’s your restaurant.

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