Dead by Daylight Mobile Controller Support

Can you play Dead by Daylight Mobile with a controller? The highly popular asymmetric multiplayer survival horror online game is even more contagious on your phone. And while the experience is mostly smooth, and it feels nice to play on the touchscreen, some people still prefer to use specialized controllers for their mobile devices. Here’s what we know about Dead by Daylight Mobile controller support.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile Controller Support
DBD Mobile Controller Support

Can you Play Dead by Daylight Mobile with a Controller?

Let’s not beat around the bush and jump straight to the answer. Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t have full support for controllers as of March 2023. The developers simply haven’t yet implemented the highly-requested feature. That’s not to say that you can’t play with a controller at all. Some buttons will work and the game will recognize some inputs. However, many buttons will simply not work, including things like the R3 button, triggers, and so on. Hence, this makes the experience basically unplayable.

When will Dead by Daylight Add Mobile Controller Support

At the moment, we simply don’t know the answer to this question. The developers haven’t provided any dates or even hinted that they are working on official support for gamepads in DBD Mobile. The last time they were asked about it was in October 2019. One fan asked them, “Will you ever put controller support?” and they answered negatively, confirming that “Controller support is not currently planned”. Not much has changed since then. Nonetheless, we will follow the situation closely and make sure to update the article if there are any new developments in this regard. For now, that’s all we know about DBD Mobile controller support.

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