Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Potion

Not sure how to make the Blue Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley update is one of the biggest yet! Aside from a brand new Lion King Realm, Simba and Nala, numerous other hidden content exists! In this guide, we explain how to use the Blue Potato, how to get the Blue Potion, and where to find other ingredients.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Potion
How to Get the Blue Potion Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Blue Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Pride of the Valley update has arrived, and it brings one of the biggest mysteries yet to the game! Players have found the Blue Potato, and now they are wondering what its purpose is. Well, it’s about making the Blue Potion, of course! However, to make this potion, having just potato won’t cut it. Namely, you will need four other ingredients. Now you are probably wondering what these other items are and where to find them. And for that, you’ve come to the right place! These are the items you will need in order to make the Blue Potion:

  • Potato (Blue)
  • Starfish (Blue)
  • Shell (Blue)
  • Book (Blue)
  • Gem (Blue)

To learn how and where to find the potato, check out our separate guide. The Blue Shell can be found in Moana’s Realm just offshore, on a small beach behind an islet. The Blue Starfish is in Ariel’s realm, on a location which you can reach via boat. To find the Blue Book, you will need to go into the deepest parts of Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. Finally, the Blue Gem can be found at the Mines in Sunlit Plateau.

When you have all of these items, you will need to place them in a special well for the potion, which is located in the mines also, called “Shimmering Water Pool”. And for that, you will receive the Brilliant Blue Potion. If you need a video guide for all these items, check out Tinkerlily’s video.

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