Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay Tips for Fast Farming

How to get more Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley? And where to find Clay in Dreamlight Valley? These are the important questions one might ask if you plan on completing Goofy’s “The Mysterious Wreck” quest, and crafting some key items in the game. In our in-depth guide, we share tips and tricks on how to farm Clay fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay Tips for Fast Farming

Where to find Clay in Disney Dreamlight Walley

So, where to find clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Just like many other materials, clay can only be obtained in certain biomes. Thus, to find clay, you will need to unlock either the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, or the Forgotten Lands. Each of these three regions has clay. You can unlock them by spending Dreamlight. Unlocking the Glade of Trust is the cheapest way to go, costing you 5,000 Dreamlight. Thus, it’s best to unlock that biome first if you need to get clay urgently. The Sunlit Plateau should be the second region to unlock because you can’t access The Forgotten Lands without unlocking the Sunlit Plateau first.

Now when you know where to find Clay, let’s see how to get it. In order to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Walley, simply use your shovel and dig in the mentioned areas – the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, or the Forgotten Lands. Just digging will not guarantee that you will get a stack of clay. Thus, you will need some luck in order to get enough clay for your quests or crafting desires. Nonetheless, read our fast-farming guide to learn how to get more clay efficiently.

Tips for Fast Finding Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Grinding a specific material can be a very gruelling process in a live-service game such as Disney Dreamlight Valley. For example, you will need a lot of clay in order to complete various quests, as well as for crafting many items. Thus, it’s imperative to be as efficient as you can. Below, we outline a few tricks which will make you find clay faster. If you need more clay, use these Clay fast farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley tips:

  • Always bring meals with you in order to keep the Energy bar filled. Or else, you won’t be able to dig after a while.
  • Unlock the Wishing Well in the area where you’re farming clay, to fast travel between the biome and your home.
  • Pick a character with a digging bonus to hang out with you. Occasionally, he will give you extra bonus for whatever you dig up.
  • Some players claim that digging when it’s raining gives a bonus to clay’s spawn rate.
  • Use the Furniture trick:
    • Dig up the sides of the river for clay in the Glade of Trust.
    • Don’t fill them in. Instead, open the Furniture menu.
    • Put some furniture atop the holes. Cover them thoroughly with furniture.
    • Close the menu.
    • Open the Furniture menu again and remove the furniture.
    • You’ll find holes are filled in and ready to be dug again, without waiting for the clay to respawn.
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