Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Companion Home Guide

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Companion Home guide, we are going to explain how this new building works, what you need to build it, and more. There are a number of different companion things you can now make, and each of them has a different role to play. None of them are necessary, but my goodness, do they add layers of cuteness.

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disney dreamlight valley cozy companion home guide
Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Companion Home Guide

Cozy Companion Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, how do you make a Cozy Companion Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well, you are going to need 15x Softwood, 5x Sunflower, 5x White and Red Hydrangea, 1x Topaz. Softwood is easy to get almost anywhere, Sunflowers and Hydrangeas can be found on Dazzle Beach, and you can obtain a Topaz in the Plaza. You can “store” up to four companions per home, and yes, you can build as many of them as you want. You can’t feed the homed companions, but you can pet them and watch them run around. The only other limitation is that you can’t home a companion that you’re currently running around with. That pet is always going to follow you.

So, that’s how you build a Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Companion Home and how you can use it. Keep in mind that there are also other companion things that you can build. For example, there’s the Playful Companion Pinwheel (x5 Softwood, x5 Fiber, x5 Pink Hydrangea), the Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish (5x Clay, 5x Wheat, 2x Red Bell Flower), Pixar Companion Ball (3x Red Bell Flower, 5x Yellow Daisy, 5x Blue Hydrangea) and the Flying Companion Feeder (5x Softwood, 5x Clay, 5x Wheat, 2x Red Bell Flower). All of these are also mostly decorative in nature. By that, I mean they have no real practical application. However, the companion will absolutely interact with all of these items in different ways, and it’s incredibly adorable to watch.

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