Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Friendship Quest

“Forgotten Memories: Friendship” is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that is given to you by The Fairy Godmother. It requires that you enter the first gate in the Dreamscape to uncover the Forgotten’s Lost Memory. To do this, you are going to need to complete several objectives, which include picking some ugly flowers to make a bouqet, and to then find a Rotten Carrot, Rotten Tomato, and Rotten Clam. If you are struggling with any of these, we are here to help you complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Friendship Quest.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Friendship Quest
Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Friendship Quest

Pick Some Ugly Flowers to Make Bouquet in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you go through the gate, your first task will be to talk to Mickey. He will ask that you find and pick five Ugly Flowers. These look like withered blue flowers and they can be found all around this area. Once you have five of these, go to the Crafting Station next to Goofy’s house and craft the Bouqet. It is under the “Functional Items” tab there. Give the bouqet to Minnie and then go back to Mickey. He will tell you to go and talk to Goofy.

Uncover Forgotten First Lost Memory – Rotten Carrot, Tomato and Clam Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy will ask that you find him three cooking ingredients: a Rotten Carrot, a Rotten Tomato, and two Rotten Clams. Look for the Clams around the two ponds. The Tomato is next to the barrels behind Mickey. And the Carrot is at Goofy’s house, right next to the Crafting Station you used to make the Hideous Bouqet. Take all of these ingredients back to where Goofy is standing and prepare the Nasty Bouillabaisse. Talk to Goofy. Finally, talk to Minnie again and you will have completed the quest.

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