Disney Dreamlight Valley Golden Doorknob Location

The latest update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is here, and with it – a whole bunch of new content that’s been added to the game. A lot of these new additions are related to Mirabel, the protagonist from Encanto. For example, an early quest begins when you find the magical Golden Doorknob. This magical item allowed Mirabel’s family to gain all of their fantastical abilities. Who knows what it can do for you in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Of course, you first need to find it. To help you do that, here’s the Golden Doorknob location in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Golden Doorknob Location
Disney Dreamlight Valley Golden Doorknob Location

Where to Find Mirabel Golden Doorknob in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To find Mirabel’s Golden Doorknob in DDV, you will need to look for it somewhere around the Peaceful Meadow. Its exact location may vary from game to game, but we managed to find it out in the open there, very close by to the stairs that lead to Dazzle Beach. We have marked this location in the screenshot below. But even if you don’t get it exactly there, you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating it. This is because the Golden Doorknob has a very eye-catching appearance. First of all, it is, well, a big golden doorknob. Not to mention that there are sparkles all around it. Really, it’s very hard to miss.

Pick it up. Once you have it in your possession, you will automatically unlock and start “The Golden Doorknob” quest. Your next step here is to take it back to Merlin. Without a doubt, this Golden Doorknob is required in order to unlock Mirabel from Encanto. Once you bring it back to Merlin, you will then progress the quest and get one step closer to unlocking Mirabel and getting to know her better in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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