Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Gems in Secret Chamber Puzzle

During Olaf’s “The Great Blizzard” quest, you are going to have to figure out exactly which types of gems are missing in the Secret Chamber and to then replace them with the right ones. But how to figure out which of these Great Blizzard gems are the correct ones? Worse yet, it also appears that, for some reason, you often can’t place the gems on the pedestal in the Chamber. Is this some bug, or is there another reason why this is happening? We are going to explain everything that you need to know about this Missing Gems in the Secret Chamber Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this guide.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Gems in Secret Chamber Puzzle
Disney Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard – Missing Gems in Secret Chamber Puzzle

Figure Out Which Gems Are Missing in the Secret Chamber and Replace Them in Disney Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard

To begin with, it appears that this combination of gems is different for each playthrough. As such, it wouldn’t do you any good for us to tell you what our result was, since odds are that it won’t correspond to your correct solution. So what is the solution here, how can you figure out which gems go where? Well, we started with getting all of the available gem types in the game in our inventory. After that, approach each of these empty pedestals and interact with them one by one.

Try dragging and dropping each gem type into the empty slot on the right. The game will refuse to allow any gem type except the correct one. This is also the reason why many players have thought that there is a bug here, but it is just that the game only allows the right kind of gem. This process can be a bit boring, since you are trying out all the gems in your inventory, but you will soon get the right combination and progress the quest further.

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