Where to Find Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley, All Locations

Not sure where to get Shrimp for Goofy’s “Bouillabaisse with fresh Seafood” recipe to complete the “Dinner with a friend” quest? We’ve got all the details you need! If there’s one thing you’ll do the most during your adventures in the Dreamlight Valley it will be collecting ingredients and materials. However, some items are inevitably harder to find, and a few will even have players confused as they will not know where to search for them. In this guide, we explain where to catch Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimp Locations, Catch Seafood

Shrimp Locations Disney Dreamlight Valley, Catch Seafood

For the “Dinner with a friend” quest, Goofy will ask you to help him and pick some Clams, Scallops, and Shrimps. He’ll ask you for exactly two of each. Finding clamps and scallops will be a rather easy task. Both of these can be found on the sands of Dazzle Beach. Just go there, explore a little bit and you’ll find them in no time. However, catching Shrimp will pose a bigger challenge.

As with many other things in this game, it’s not that it’s hard to catch a shrimp, rather it’s not precisely explained. That is, you don’t know what exactly to do and where to go. As it turns out, Shrimps in Disney Dreamlight Valley are a rare type of seafood. Thus, they can only be found in fishing ponds with bluish-glowing edges. These fishing ponds boast rare seafood. You can see in our image below a fishing place with blue edges. It’s a small detail and easy to miss if you are not carefully looking. Regular fishing ponds have white edges, those with rare catch have blue edges, and then those with the highest rarity have yellowish/golden edges. So there you have it, now you know where to catch Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Shrimp Locations, Catch Seafood
You need to fish in fishing ponds with blue edges to catch shrimps.
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  1. J

    I keep getting kingfish from the blue ponds.

  2. K
    Kelly S.

    I keep getting Squid! Feel like I’m never gonna get Goofys task done!

    1. T

      I found the shrimp with the blue bubbles on dazzle Beach not in ponds

  3. L

    I have no bubbles of any color on dazzle beach. What am I missing ?

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