Disney Dreamlight Valley WALL-E Hidden Requirement

Ever since debuting in his titular movie way back in 2008, WALL-E has been one of the most popular and iconic Disney (and Pixar) characters. As such, it’s no wonder that this little robot is also present in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And, like all major characters in that game, WALL-E also has a Friendship Quest for you to undertake. However, in order to unlock it, you will first need to meet certain prerequisites. Most of these are pretty obvious and relatively easy to do, but what is the Hidden Requirement for WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We’re here to help you find out.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement
Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Hidden Requirement

Wall-E Hidden Requirement in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock WALL-E’s Friendship Quest, you will need to meet the following criteria: to have unlocked Prince Elric and Buzz Lightyear, leveled up Friendship with WALL-E to Level 10, unlocked the Frosted Heights Biome, and the mysterious Hidden Requirement itself. As it doesn’t have a description, and instead only three question marks, it’s far from easy to figure out. So, what do you need to do here?

Well, the answer is – to clear away Night Thorns around the village. Do this until one of them drops a Lost Memory that belongs to WALL-E. It looks like a green glowing ball, so you’ll definitely know it when you see it. It hints at a new character, but we don’t want to spoil who it is – you’ll find out soon enough. Once you have the Lost Memory, go back to WALL-E. If you have fulfilled all of the other criteria for his Friendship Quest, then you will be able to unlock and start it. And that’s how you unlock the Hidden Requirement for WALL-E’s Friendship Quest in DDV. Happy gaming and we hope that you will enjoy the quest itself.

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