Dota 2 Pig Pole

The Pig Pole is a fascinating item that was added to Dota 2 in the latest patch. The 7.30 patch was an extensive one, and among the many changes and additions it brought to the game was this innocuous-seeming item. Besides a hefty boost to your stats, it also lets you become a piggy and make a hasty retreat in case there’s trouble. And, as you will see in our Dota 2 Pig Pole guide, there are plenty of uses for it if you know how.

Dota 2 Pig Pole

How to Get the Pig Pole in Dota 2

The Pig Pole is a Tier 1 Neutral Item that is dropped by Neutral Creeps. This means that you can get it very early on in the game, in a matter of minutes. There are several reasons why it is an exceedingly potent and versatile item. One of these is the abovementioned fact that you can get it very quickly. It provides a +6 to Strength, +6 to Agility, and +6 to Intelligence. This is the equivalent of the combined might of a Belt of Stength, Band of Elvenskin, and Robe of the Magi – all in one item. Any Hero that equips it will gain: 120 health, 0.6 health regen, 1 armor, 6 attack speed, 72 mana, 0.3 mana regen, and 6 attack damage.

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Pig Pole

The second reason is that the Pig Pole’s ability “Pig, Out!” can be extremely useful in certain situations. It turns you into a pig for 4 seconds and during that time, your movement speed will be increased by 10%. This can provide a much-needed mobility boost when you need it the most – either for getting away from an attacker, or to close in on a fleeing enemy. But you should be aware that it has a cooldown of 25 seconds. Finally, the third reason why the Pig Pole is great is that it is a neutral item. As such, it doesn’t cost anything to make. It is also freely sharable between teammates.

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