Dream a Little Dream FFXIV, Dreamingway Location

The Dream a Little Dream FFXIV side quest is one of the several side missions added with the 6.0 update in FF14. This Endwalker side quest is given by Dreamingway the Loporrit. In this guide, we explain where to find Dreamingway, how to start the “Dream a Little Dream” FF14 quest, and unlock new Loporrit Tribal Quests in FFXIV Patch 6.35.

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Dream a Little Dream FFXIV, Dreamingway Location

How to Start Dream a Little Dream FFXIV Quest, Where to Find Dreamingway

The FFXIV Patch 6.35 update has just landed. And it brings a host of improvements, new features, content and much more to the popular MMO. Of course, there’s also a brand new questline. The new quest revolves around the cute little Loporrit tribe! However, in order to unlock Loporrit Tribal quests, you’ll first need to fulfil some prerequisites. The first condition is to have the whole main scenario quest, “Endwalker”, completed. If you haven’t completed the fourth campaign, there’s a long road ahead of you.

Nonetheless, the second condition is a bit easier to meet. Namely, you’ll need to have the “Dream a Little Dream” FFXIV side quest completed as well. This side mission is from the same Endwalker expansion. Hence, you’ll need to own the DLC to start this mission. Firstly, to start this sidequest, you’ll have to visit the Loporrit Dreamingway. Dreamingway’s location is Mare Lamentorum (X:14.9, Y:9.3) Once you start the quest, you’ll have to do the following steps:

  • Place carrot seeds in the carrot creation station.
  • Bring a crate of crystals to the creation station and place them inside.
  • Acquire two carrots from the carrot creation stations.
  • Bring these two carrots to Dreamingway.
  • Talk with Knockingway.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully compiled the Dream a Little Dream FFXIV side quest! It is a relatively easy and straightforward task, so there should not be any issues. Once you complete the quest, after the FFXIV Patch 6.35 update, Dreamingway will move to Old Sharlayan (X: 11.7, Y: 10.9). And there, you will be able to talk with the Loporrit and start the new FFXIV Patch 6.35 Loporrit Tribal Quests.

How to Start Dream a Little Dream FFXIV Quest, Where to Find Dreamingway
Dreamingway’s location (Click to Enlarge)
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