Disney Dreamlight Valley Rich Soil Locations

A new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has just been released. As expected, this update brings a lot of updates, bug fixes, and new content into the game. Naturally, this added content also includes things such as new quests. And, for some of these quests, you’re going to need certain items in order to be able to complete them. The Rich Soil is one such item that is required to complete Scar’s quest “cc”. But how and where can you get the Rich Soil? We are going to explain everything you need to know about how to acquire Rich Soil and the best locations to do so in Disney Dreamlight Valley right here.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Rich Soil Locations
Disney Dreamlight Valley Rich Soil Locations

Where to Find Rich Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Rich Soil, you will need to dig. Like regular soil and clay, Rich Soil is an item that you get when you dig up the ground in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, it is a much rarer drop than either of these. Since Scar’s Nature & Nurture quest requires that you get at a minimum of 10 Rich Soil, it can take quite a long time until you get enough of them to complete the quest. From our experience, the best way to do this is to get and then plant some wheat seeds. Since these can be harvested after a minute or so, you can use this process to farm Rich Soil until you have enough of it.

Scar’s quest

And there you have it – the best and most effective way to get Rich Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you are having trouble with some other newly-added Disney Dreamlight content, such as how to prepare the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, we invite you to read our guide that explains this process as well.

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