DreamSnaps Photo Touch of Magic Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you are trying to submit a photo for the DreamSnaps Challenge, but you are not allowed because the photo contains a Touch of Magic, you are not the only person! The new DreamSnaps feature is here and it represents an awesome way for players to express their creativity and style. However, when they try to submit the photo for the challenge, they are not allowed. In this guide, we explain what is this Touch of Magic tag which prevents players to take their photo.

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DreamSnaps Photo Touch of Magic Disney Dreamlight Valley

Photo Contains a Touch of Magic DreamSnaps Challenge Disney Dreamlight Valley

The new DreamSnaps update is here, and it has already become one of our favourites! It allows us to be creative and it rewards us with awesome rewards on top of that. The basic premise is simple. There are some photo requirements for the challenge which you need to fulfil. Once you have them set, you snap a photo, and if you like it, you can submit it to the contest. Sounds easy enough. However, on the first day of the update, many players are having issues because they are unable to submit the DreamSnaps challenge photo because it contains Touch of Magic items.

What are these items, and can you fix this issue? Firstly, what are Touch of Magic items in Disney Dreamlight Valley? These are custom-made items by you. If you created it, it’s Touch of Magic. If you did not, it’s not. Now that you know that make sure that you don’t have any custom items in your photo.

Furthermore, some players are reporting that the DreamSnaps Challenge registers Touch of Magic items even if they don’t have them in the frame. If this is the issue with you, make sure that they are not in the frame, even if they are not visible in the photo! “I apparently had a “Touch of magic” tank I was wearing under the sweater,” says a Discord user. Hence, check behind the furniture, behind the walls, and under your clothes. Hopefully, this helps!

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