EA FC 24 A Better Build Up SBC, Failed to Submit Challenge Fix

SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) are among the most fun things to do in EA FC 24. And, while being challenging and often requiring a nice dose of game know-how, the problem is that they sometimes don’t work as intended. For example, the “A Better Build Up” SBC. Even though you should be able to successfully submit it, you will instead get the “Failed to Submit” error. Meaning that the SBC is not working, since you can’t submit it. To help you around this error, here’s how to fix the Failed to Submit Challenge for A Better Build Up SBC in EA FC 24.

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EA FC 24 A Better Build Up SBC, Failed to Submit Challenge Fix
EA FC 24 A Better Build Up SBC, Failed to Submit Challenge Fix

How to Fix EA FC 24 A Better Build Up SBC Not Working, Failed to Submit Challenge Issue

This particular bug has been in the game for a while now. The bug seems to be caused by the formation formerly being 5-3-2 (which used three CMs), and has now been changed to 5-1-2-2 (one CDM and two CMs). Of course, this is just speculation. In any case, let’s see how you can solve this issue. What you need to do here is to choose two players that can play both CDM (Center Defensive Midfielders) and CM (Center Midfielders) positions.

Once you have this set up with those two players, try to submit the SBC again. It often works, but if it doesn’t, you need to switch the postitions of those players a couple of times. Keep switching their positions until the app acknowledges this and you will have successfully submitted and completed the A Better Build Up SBC. It may take a minute or two, but it should register in the end. And that’s how you can fix this particular error. If you have any other EA FC 24-related issues and questions, we invite you to check out our other EA FC 24 guides and articles.

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