EA FC 24 Release Date, Early Access with New Zealand Time

In our EA FC 24 Early Access, How to Play FC 24 Early with New Zealand Time guide, we are going to show you the “legit” way to play the game ahead of time, as well as how to sneakily get into FIFA’s descendant before you’re supposed to. It takes some doing depending on your platform, but it is possible. Let’s get into it.

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ea fc 24 early access how to play fc 24 early with new zealand time
EA FC 24 Early Access, How to Play FC 24 Early with New Zealand Time

EA FC 24 Early Access

The “regular” way to get early access to EA FC 24 is to either pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the game, which will set you back a hundred bucks, or by having an EA Play or EA Play Pro subscription. The Ultimate Edition lets you play a whole seven days ahead of everyone else, while EA Play gives you a ten-hour trial run. While that’s significantly less than a week, at least you have no obligation to buy. And if you do decide to make the purchase, you can get the Ultimate Edition for “only” ninety bucks. EA Play Pro should grant you access to the Ultimate Edition, and therefore the week of early access. Those are your “legitimate” options. There is another way, though, if you wanna get sneaky about it.

How to Play FC 24 Early with New Zealand Time

To play EA FC 24 ahead of other people but without the official early access, you can use the ole New Zealand time trick. On PCs, you’d normally do this by turning on a VPN and setting it so that you appear to be from New Zealand. This should then allow you to access the game when it releases there, which will be the earliest of all. Problem is, the VPNs have lately started prohibiting these things, so your mileage might vary.

On Xbox, open the Settings from the home menu, then go into System. Find the Language & Location option, and set it to New Zealand time. Restart the console for the changes to take effect, and enjoy EA FC 24 a couple of hours early. On PlayStation, things get a bit more difficult. You’ll have to set up a whole new account and set it up as if it’s from New Zealand. The problem is that you’ll have to use a legit address from there to complete the account. It’s annoying and not really worth it.

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